Pukhtoon Students Federation

Pukhtoon Students Federation
A student organization that is leftist, secular, liberal, progressive and nationalist in nature. It is the student wing of Awami National Party. It was formed in 1968. It is present in numerous educational institutions of Pakistan. Bashir Sherpao from Charsadda, Peshawar is the President of PSF.

University Of Malakand

University Of Malakand
A public university located in Chakdara, Dir Valley of Kyber Pukhtoonkhwa i-e- Malakand Division. It was founded in 2001 by the then President Pervez Musharraf. It provides regular & private Bachelors degrees (BA/BSc/BBA/BIT/BCom/BCS), regular Honours degrees (BA Hons/BS Hons/BBA Hons/BBT Hons/PharmD/BCS Hons/BIT Hons), Master degrees (MA/MSc/MCS/MBA/BEd/LLB/MCom/MIT) & post-graduate degrees such as MPhil, MS & PhD in various disciplines & MEd. It has 14 departments. Dr Rasool Jan from Kabal, Swat is it's Vice-Chancellor & Governer NWFP Owais Ghani is it's Chancellor. Zeeshan Khan Sawabiwal is the President of Pukhtoon Students Federation there. It has 3 hostels i-e- Girls Hostel, Asif Aziz Hostel & Khalid Osman Hostel.

Da PSF UOM Noticeboard

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Asif Aziz Hostel President Idrees Khan

Name: Idrees Khan
Domicile: Batkhela, Malakand
Department: BA (Hons) English
Contact: +923459161201
Designation: Asif Aziz Hostel President
Room: F 8

Sober and hot tempered at times, Idrees Khan is the resident of Batkhela but still living in hostel for the sake PSF UOM and his friends. He is very emotional when it comes to strikes and sloganeering. He has alloted many rooms for students without rooms. If you have any problem regarding hostel, just contact him and consider it done.

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