Pukhtoon Students Federation

Pukhtoon Students Federation
A student organization that is leftist, secular, liberal, progressive and nationalist in nature. It is the student wing of Awami National Party. It was formed in 1968. It is present in numerous educational institutions of Pakistan. Bashir Sherpao from Charsadda, Peshawar is the President of PSF.

University Of Malakand

University Of Malakand
A public university located in Chakdara, Dir Valley of Kyber Pukhtoonkhwa i-e- Malakand Division. It was founded in 2001 by the then President Pervez Musharraf. It provides regular & private Bachelors degrees (BA/BSc/BBA/BIT/BCom/BCS), regular Honours degrees (BA Hons/BS Hons/BBA Hons/BBT Hons/PharmD/BCS Hons/BIT Hons), Master degrees (MA/MSc/MCS/MBA/BEd/LLB/MCom/MIT) & post-graduate degrees such as MPhil, MS & PhD in various disciplines & MEd. It has 14 departments. Dr Rasool Jan from Kabal, Swat is it's Vice-Chancellor & Governer NWFP Owais Ghani is it's Chancellor. Zeeshan Khan Sawabiwal is the President of Pukhtoon Students Federation there. It has 3 hostels i-e- Girls Hostel, Asif Aziz Hostel & Khalid Osman Hostel.

Thursday, August 19, 2010


Tuesday, 03 August 2010
The un-precedent floods in Pakistan in general, and in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa in particular, have affected millions of people with a devastating magnitude. Whole villages have been washed away with immense loss to lives and properties. Almost all the infrastructure has been partially or fully destroyed. Roads, bridges, schools, hospitals and other vital communication systems like telephone, mobile phone service grid stations and power supply lines have been destroyed. It will require years of efforts by the government to rebuild what is repairable, but immediately, people are living in relief camps without adequate facilities to survive. There are health and hygiene issues that are further aggravating the situation and threatening peoples' lives.
Malakand Division's infrastructure of roads, bridges, schools, and hospitals have already sustained immense damage due to militancy in the area, but the current floods have especially hit Malakand Division and Swat which are one of the most sensitive areas in respect of Global War on Terror (GWOT) and need immediate attention by the the global community in order to avoid any further complications. Similarly, Charsadda, Nowshera, parts of Peshawar and D.I. Khan are other worst hit areas in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province.

The scarce resources of the provincial government have already drained by diverting it towards security and law and order. Currently, there is not adequate forthcoming to help the people in distress.

I, on behalf of the Awami National Party, appeal individuals within and outside Pakistan, as well as governments and organizations, to come forward and help the affected people. More rains are forecasted and the situation might get worst; therefore, immediate help in cash and kind is direly needed.

I could be contacted via the following coordinates:


Dr. Haider Ali Khan,
Member Provincial Assembly KP
Secretary Foreign Affairs,
Awami National Party, Pakistan

Emails: dr.hak64@gmail.com This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it
Email2: info@awaminationalparty.org This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it
Email3: khyberwatch@gmail.com This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it
Dr. Haider Ali Khan:+92 333 222 5444
Baacha Khan Markaz Peshawar: +92 91 2043184,
Zahid Buneray: +92 314 962 6466
Monitory Donations
Chief Minister Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Flood Relief Fund
AC No. G-12138 at any Bank of Pakistan
Baacha Khan Trust Education Foundation;
A/C No. 0181374471000069 Branch Code: 1448

ANP Sindh Salar (Security Chief) Obaidullah Yousafzai killed! (19 August)

Obaidullah Yousafzai ANP Salaar Sindh

 Buses of Pukhtoon drivers being burnt

The Salaar of Sindh (Security Chief of ANP) Obaidullah Yousafzai was killed by unknown gunmen near Karachi Airport.

 Bushra Gillani, ANP Member Parliament strongly condemned this attack calling it an "targeted attack".
(Media Cell PSF UOM)

There are reports of firing in different areas of Karachi where markets and shops have closed down after ANP’s Obaidullah Yousufzai was shot dead as a result of target killing today afternoon.
In the aftermath of the target killing, at least eight people have been gunned down in the city. At least nine vehicles have been set on fire as violence erupted in different parts of Karachi after the assassination.
Yousufzai was said to be the security in-charge (salaar) of Awami National Party (ANP) Sindh. He along with another person were gunned down in target killing near Star Gate which falls within the Airport Police precinct.

The man killed was a strong candidate for ANP Sindh chairmanship, it is being rumored. It seems like an internal conflict within ANP, said one commentor on the Express Tribune website.

The latest incident of target killing took place around 4.15 pm today when unknown gunmen riding a motorcycle shot and killed Yousufzai and Saleem Akhtar who were sitting in their car. Their bodies were shifted to Jinnah Hospital where a large number of people gathered and chanted slogans against the killing. Aerial firings were reported in parts of the metropolitan city soon after the latest incident of target killing.
Yousufzai worked as a cargo operator with the national airline PIA. He was also a provincial office bearer of the ANP Sindh. Akhtar worked as cashier with PIA.

According to PIA sources, Obaidullah Yousufzai and Saleem Akhtar were sitting in a car when unidentified gunmen riding a motorcycle opened fire on them.

They said that Obaidullah Yousufzai, a cargo operator with the PIA, was also a provincial office bearer of the ANP Sindh. Akhtar was a cashier of PIA.

Meanwhile, a statement on Thursday said that the Sindh Home Minister, Dr Zulfiqar Ali Mirza, has condemned the killing of Obaidullah Yousufzai, a provincial office bearer of ANP. Sindh Chief Minister Syed Qiam Ali Shah has also condemned the target killing of Obaidullah Yousufzai

He has directed the Capital City Police Officer (CCPO) to ensure the arrest of those involved in killing after collection of evidence from the spot and investigation process.

The Home Minister further directed that police, Rangers and Special Branch should determine and implement a strategy for the security of the leaders of political and religious parties.

He also asked the Zonal DIGs, SSPs Towns and SHOs to move in their respective areas and promptly tackle any incident of lawlessness.

Their bodies were later shifted to Jinnah Hospital. Meanwhile, some people resorted to aerial firing outside the hospital’s mortuary.

In the aftermath of the target killing, at least eight people have been killed in in the aftermath of Yousufzai's death. At least nine vehicles were set on fire as violence erupted in different parts of Karachi after the assassination. – APP/Dawn.com

Denouncing the killing of Ubaidullah Yousufzai, Sindh Chief Minister Syed Qaim Ali Shah on Thursday directed the Karachi Police Chief to arrest the culprits.

In a statement issued today, he ordered law enforcement agencies to maintain strong vigilance on extremist elements.

The Chief Minister also asked CCPO Wasim Ahmed to submit a report regarding the assassination of Yousufzai.

At least seven people were killed and several others wounded as violence erupted in the city after the assassination of senior ANP worker. SAMAA  

ANP leader Shahi Syed on Saturday urged his party's activists to keep a close eye on the enemies of Pakhtun community.

His call came hours after unknown gunmen shot dead a senior ANP worker Ubaidullah Yousufzai in Karachi.

Expressing grief at the death of Ubaidullah Yousufzai, Syed said he doesn't want to accuse anyone of killing, but people are aware of the elements, who don't want to see peace in Karachi.

The ANP leader also appealed to ANP workers to maintain calm.

Meanwhile, he demanded the immediate arrest of the killers of Ubaidullah Yousufzai. SAMAA

Police sources told The Express Tribune that the incident took place near Star gate at around 4.15 pm when some gunmen shot and killed Ubaidullah Yousufzai and Saleem Akhtar. The bodies were shifted to Jinnah Hospital where a large number of people gathered and chanted slogans against the killers.
According to spokesperson for ANP Yousufzai was security in-charge (Saalar) of their party and was working in Cargo Department of PIA.

In reaction to the killings, some people came out to protest on the streets and set a bus on fire in Sultanabad. Sources in the Fire Brigade department said that the enraged people threatened the rescue staff who rushed to extinguish the fire.
There were also reports of aerial firing at the mortuary and stones being pelted on moving vehicles. Markets and shops have closed down in certain areas.

President Awami National Party (ANP) Sindh Shahi Syed termed the assassination of Ubaidullah Yousuf Zai by unknown assailants in Karachi as ‘a tragedy beyond tolerance’.

“Although we are extremely angry and grieved, we do not want to blame anyone,” he said in a statement issued here by ANP Sindh, adding, we will not be overwhelmed by emotions.

He said everyone knows which elements are behind undermining the peaceful environment of the city.

The statement said that Shahi Syed has appealed the ANP workers to observe patience and keep a vigilant eye on the terrorist elements ‘who are enemies of Pukhtoons and stability of Pakistan’.

He demanded immediate arrest of the elements responsible for the killing of Ubaidullah Yousufzai. (Geo News).

Independence Day of Afghanistan! (19th August)

Happy Independance Day to our Afghan brothers and sisters!

Afghan Independence Day is celebrated in Afghanistan on 19 August to commemorate the Treaty of Rawalpindi in 1919. The treaty granted independence from Britain; although Afghanistan was never officially a part of the British Empire. The British fought three wars with Afghanistan. The First Anglo-Afghan War 1839–1842 led to the massacre of the entire British invading force by Afghan forces in the city Jalalabad. But the new British forces reinvaded shortly, defeated the Afghan forces, rescued the POWs and successfully withdrew.

The Second Anglo-Afghan War 1878–80 led to the British victory over the Afghan army in Kandahar, bringing the Afghan rebellion to an end. The war left the British in control of the territories ceded by Yaqub Khan and ensuring British control of Afghanistan's foreign policy in exchange for protection and a subsidy. The Third Anglo-Afghan War 1919 led the British to achieve the reaffirmation of Durand Line and give up on their imperialist ambition to conquer Afghanistan and Afghanistan declared its independence. The event is recognized throughout Afghanistan and also celebrates Afghan culture and national pride. It is celebrated every year.

In some Afghan Diaspora communities where many of the world's millions of Afghan refugees live, Afghan Independence Day is referred to and celebrated as Afghan Refugee Day. On this day Afghan refugees exchange presents and participate in traditional Afghan games and activities to celebrate both their Afghan heritage and their refugee experience.


Saturday, August 14, 2010

Flood Relief Camp by PSF Mardan


The Abdul Wali Khan University Welfare Trust Flood Relief Camp has been organized by PSF Mardan. It is situated at the main gate of Abdul Wali Khan University, Baacha Khan Chowk, Mardan.

The chief organizor are Mardan AWKUM President Ajmal Hoti. General Secretary AWKUM Syed Rehmat Alam President Masters Basit Safi is representing PSF UOM at the camp.

Those who live in Mardan can donate us by coming to our camp and give us cash donation, clothes, tents or boats.
Those who are in Pakistan can donate to flood victims money through SMS by texting 'Fund' to 1234 which will donate 10 Pakistani Rupees per SMS.

Those who are outside Pakistan can contact this number on how to help the flood victims: 

Thanks, Mehrubani & Manana!

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Attack on Dr. Gulalai Wali

Doctor Gulalai Wali who is the daughter of the famous politician, former National Awami Party leader & ANP chief Abdul Wali Khan and sister of Asfand Yar Wali Khan, current ANP President & Member National Assembly was attacked by unknown gun men in Khyber Bazar, Peshawar. She escaped the attack with a minor injury.

ANP MNA Bushra Gohar contacted PSF UOM Media Cell & condemned the incident saying:
"I want to strongly condemn the targeted attack on Dr. Gulalai Wali. These cowardly acts of targeting family members of ANP leaders will not weaken our resolve to cleanse our motherland of terrorism and extremism". (Media Cell PSF UOM)

Dr Gulalai, escaped the attempt on her life Monday while returning from her clinic in the Karachi Market in Khyber Bazaar.

The attack was third on high-profile personalities in Peshawar and its surroundings since July 23. However, it is the first time that a woman has been targeted. Eyewitnesses said two motorcyclists waiting in the Karachi Market area opened fire at Dr Gulalai, who is a known surgeon, soon after she left her clinic for home at around 8:30 pm. There were reports that the attackers fired three bullets, one of which hit Dr Gulalai in the arm.

Mian Iftikhar Hussain, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa information minister, said one attacker waiting outside the clinic of Dr Gulalai escaped in a car parked nearby after shooting at the sister of the ANP chief. He added that Dr Gulalai sustained bullet wounds on her arm but her condition was out of danger.

“This is continuation of the target killing incidents, the first victim of which was my son Rashid Hussain. Commandant Frontier Constabulary (FC) Safwat Ghayur also was a victim of this series of target killings,” Mian Ifikhar Hussain explained.

The minister said that Dr Gulalai was driving her car and wasn’t accompanied by anyone. “She is a doctor and a large number of patients visit clinics of doctors. How can all these people be searched?” questioned the information minister when asked whether such a prominent member of Wali Khan’s family was accompanied by any security guard.

Dr Gulalai, also the aunt of Chief Minister Ameer Haider Hoti, was rushed to hospital immediately after sustaining bullet wounds. Dr Gulalai is married to a physician, Dr Jehanzeb, and has three children. She runs a clinic in the crowded Karachi Market in Khyber Bazaar.

There were intelligence reports that political figures, police officers and other high-profile individuals can be targeted by terrorists. It was also reported that several teams of such attackers had been sent to Peshawar to attack the high-profile people.

The only son of Mian Iftikhar was the first high-status target recently, who was assassinated in an attack in his hometown Pabbi on July 23. He was shot dead while taking a walk along with a cousin Amjad Hussain near his house in Pabbi in Nowshera district.

In another attack, a suicide bomber was dispatched on July 25 to blow himself up at the house of Mian Iftikhar where a large number of women were present to offer condolences to the family on the death of his son. The bomber, however, had to detonate explosives around his body when intercepted by the policemen. Nine people were killed in the blast.

On August 4, the Commandant of Frontier Constabulary and one of the popular police officers of Pakistan, Safwat Ghayur, was killed in another target killing incident when a suicide bomber blew himself up near his car at the FC Chowk, Peshawar. Four passers-by were also killed while 10 injured in the attack.

Apart from these prominent figures, a number of leaders of different Qaumi Lashkars in tribal agencies were also attacked in Peshawar. They had moved to the provincial capital after threats to their lives from militants.

(Tuesday, August 10, 2010 by Javed Aziz Khan, The News)

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Tribute to Asma Shaheed

Asma Shaheed, An anti-Kala Dam activist who died in the Nowshera flood. May she rest in peace.

According to a report, If Kala Bagh Dam was built, The flood would have damaged Peshawar and Mardan also. We salute Baacha Khan who campaigned against this unwise plan in his later days if life where in custody.