Pukhtoon Students Federation

Pukhtoon Students Federation
A student organization that is leftist, secular, liberal, progressive and nationalist in nature. It is the student wing of Awami National Party. It was formed in 1968. It is present in numerous educational institutions of Pakistan. Bashir Sherpao from Charsadda, Peshawar is the President of PSF.

University Of Malakand

University Of Malakand
A public university located in Chakdara, Dir Valley of Kyber Pukhtoonkhwa i-e- Malakand Division. It was founded in 2001 by the then President Pervez Musharraf. It provides regular & private Bachelors degrees (BA/BSc/BBA/BIT/BCom/BCS), regular Honours degrees (BA Hons/BS Hons/BBA Hons/BBT Hons/PharmD/BCS Hons/BIT Hons), Master degrees (MA/MSc/MCS/MBA/BEd/LLB/MCom/MIT) & post-graduate degrees such as MPhil, MS & PhD in various disciplines & MEd. It has 14 departments. Dr Rasool Jan from Kabal, Swat is it's Vice-Chancellor & Governer NWFP Owais Ghani is it's Chancellor. Zeeshan Khan Sawabiwal is the President of Pukhtoon Students Federation there. It has 3 hostels i-e- Girls Hostel, Asif Aziz Hostel & Khalid Osman Hostel.

Da PSF UOM Noticeboard

Sunday, February 28, 2010

Syed Asad Bacha, The founder of PSF UOM!

Asad Bacha at his local village Hujra

Asad Bacha was the mind behind PSF in Malakand University. Hailing from Takhta Band, Daggar, Buner doing Pharm D from Pharmacy Department. He was the first student who urged the students to start PSF for students rights as well as giving a progressive ideology to the students. He was the member of the chief executive committee.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Masters Cabinet of Malakand University

1) President Basit Khan Safi
2) General Secretary Yasir Naseer Yousafzai
3) Senior Vice President Hyder Hassan Khel
4) Finance Secretary Aftab Alam Ranjbar
5) Press Secretary Mehmood Khan
6) Information Secretary Izhar Ahmad Yousafzai
7) Deputy General Secretary Malik Shakirullah Khan Yousafzai
8-12) Vice Presidents Arshad Khan Adenzai
Saeedullah Khan
Malik Amjad Yousafzai
Abdus Shakoor
13-16) Joint Secretaries Salman Ghafoor Qazi
Riaz Abbakhel
Altaf Hussain Ayenakhel
Zain Ul Abideen

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Main Campus President Zeeshan Sawabiwal

Name: Zeeshan Khan Sawabiwal
Designation: President of Main Campus
Department: BS Economocs
Contact: 03038787827
Domicile: Swabi
Zeeshan Sawabiwal is the most famous man in Malakand University. He has been popular both amongst the seniors and the juniors. He is a great orator with great inter-personal skills. Dont be fooled by his cute little looks, He is a man to be respected. He is the catalyst behind PSF UOM. He has a great following in Khalid Osman Hostel. He has suffered alot from the administration for the sake of students rights.

Sindh President Tariq Tareen

President Tariq Tareen giving prizes to participants in the prize distribution ceremony of cricket tournament organized by PSF at Federal Urdu University, Karachi
Name: Tariq Tareen
Residence: Karachi
Institution: Federal Urdu University, Karachi
Designation: Provincial President PSF Sindh
Tariq Tareen is the lion of Mehran. He is leading PSF in a hostile environment and testing times. He is the savior of Pashtun students in particular in Sindh's educational institutions. He has been brave to lead PSF inspite of many problems. He is not even deterred by life threats. Indeed he is the real baba commando! He is the lion in the desert.

Friday, February 19, 2010

PSF UOM's tribute to departing seniors

PSF UOM paid rich tribute to their departing batch in various departments. Junior PSF members on 10th November, 2009 on the last paper of Honours programmes examination of 8th Term present flowers to their seniors among them were Ilyas Khattak, Asif Aziz mama, Asif Khan Barawalay, Miqdad Toro Bangash, Haji Gulzar, Zafar Swati, Salman Khan, Khalil & Liaqat Khan among numerous others.

Malgaree PSF

A meeting of Malgaree (Friends of) PSF at Baacha Khan Centre

A memorable photo of ex-PSF at Baacha Khan Centre, Peshawar

Malgaree PSF is a body created to reunite, organize and involve ex-PSF members.

Finance Secretary Asif Aziz Hostel Waqar Hussain

Waqar in Room No. F 8 (PSF UOM head quarters)

Waqar with Pakhtunkhwa President Majid Khan

Name: Waqar Hussain Sawabiwal
Designation: Finance Secretary Asif Aziz Hostel
Domicile: Nawa Kali, Swabi
Department: BS Economics
Being a close friend of President Pakhtunkhwa Majid Khan & a cousin of Main Campus President Zeeshan Sawabiwal, He is of great value and has a great potential to excell in the federation. He had also spent time in NWFP Agricultural University with Majid Khan.

2nd Vice President Majid Khan

Name: Majid Khan Medani
Designation: Vice President (2nd) UOM
Department: BIT
Domicile: Kumbar, Medan, Dir
He is one of the good poets of Malakand University. He is a lover of Baacha Khan & his philosophies. He is fighting against extremism head-on. He is a close friend of President Zakir Nangyalay & President (Masters) Basit Mardani.

Senior Vice President (Female Wing) Kamila Khan

Kamellah Khan at Baacha Khan Centre

Name: Kamellah Khan Miankhel
Designation: Vice President Pakhtunkhwa
Domicile: Dera Ismail Khan
Email: kk.miankhel@gmail.com
Department: LLB & English (National University of Modern Languages)
Kamellah Khan joined PSF in 2005. Being a female does'nt mean that you will not be an active member of PSF and She has proven just that. She has maintained a good balance between her studies & the activities for the federation. She is working hard for motivating and mobilizing girls to fight for their rights. She is giving awareness to girls and boys alike about the ideology behind PSF. She is also working for the unity and efficiency of PSF.

Students' Advisor Arbab Mohammad Tahir Khan Khalil

Arbab Tahir addressing PSF delegation at Baacha Khan Centre, Peshawar
Arbab Tahir is the most staunch supporter of PSF from ANP. He has always supported students and listened to their problems. However, His decision to end Asadullah Khan Mayar and his friend's PSF membership led to the creation of Azad PSF. PSF UOM appeals him to solve this problem & bring unity among PSF ranks.

PSF delegation with Chief Minister Pakhtunkhwa

A memorable photo of PSF delegation with CM Ameer Haider Khan Hoti, Provincial Government's Information Secretary Mian Iftikhar Hussain Shah & Awami National Party Provincial Information Secretary Arbab Mohammad Tahir Khan Khalil are also present on the occasion

Pakhtunkhwa General Secretary Riaz Marwat

Name: Riaz Marwat
Designation: General Secretary Pakhtunkhwa
Domicile: Lakki Marwat, Pakhtunkhwa
Contact: +92 301 8752767
Riaz Marwat is the brain of PSF Pakhtunkhwa. He is a staunch believer of the ideology of Baacha Khan and has carried out alot of social work.

President Peshawar University Imtiaz Wazir

Name: Imtiaz Wazir

Designation: President University of Peshawar (UOP)

Domicile: Wana, S. Waziristan

President Imtiaz Wazir has reorganized PSF in UOP after most of the PSF workers in UOP joined the break away Azad PSF of Asadullah Mayar. He is facing many problems in UOP. It is hoped that PSF can be united in UOP. He is close friend of Provincial Senior Vice President Taj Mohammad Wazir.

President Pakhtunkhwa Majid Khan Sawabiwal

Name: Majid Khan "Sawabiwal"
Designation: President Pakhtunkhwa
Institute: NWFP Agricultural University Peshawar
Email: info@awaminationalparty.org

Majid Khan is the President of PSF in Pakhtunkhwa. He has been the President of NWFP Agricultural University at Peshawar. He has rendered many sacrifices for the federation. He is the personal favourite of Awami National Party (ANP) President Asfand Yar Wali Khan. His General Secretary is Riaz Marwat and assisting him is Senior Vice President Taj Mohammad Wazir.

PSF against terror & extremism

A meeting of the Pakhtun Students Federation was held at Baacha Khan Markaz Monday, 14 December to discuss suggestions for re-organising and re-activating the student wing of the Awami National Party in the educational institutions for combating the wave of terrorism in the province.

The meeting was presided over by Arbab Altaf and was also attended by a large number of former members and officer-bearers of the body.

Former leaders of the PkSF including Arbab Mohammad Tahir Khan Khalil, who is also party's provincial Secretar Information and provincial advisor to the PkSF, Minister of Education Sardar Hussain Babak, Minister of Science and Technology Ayub Khan Ashari, Dr. Salar, Behroz Khan, Himayatullah Mayar, Tariq Khan, Said Alam Baba and other spoke on the occasion.

A prominent Pashto poet Rahmat Shah Sail read out his recently composed poem.

An organising committee was constituted to contact former leaders of the Pakhtun Students Federation and bring them on a single platform. The committee includes Mian Iftikhar Hussain, Dr. Salar, Behroz Khan, Arbab Mohammad Altaf, Himayatullah Mayar, Ilyas Khan and Shahabuddin.

The committee would be expanded later by taking two members one each from FATA and women wing.

Ajmal Khattak (A revolutionary dervish) by Dr Mohammad Taqi

Ajmal Khattak provided the modern theoretical basis for the idea of Greater Pashtunistan. Well-versed in the Marxist-Leninist theory — prevalent and ascendant at the time — Ajmal Khattak deployed it to strengthen the case for the right of self-determination for the Pashtuns
“To become truly great, one has to stand with people, not above them” — Charles de Montesquieu.
Despite his capability to — and opportunities available to him for — upward social mobility, Ajmal Khattak chose to live and die in his dignified poverty. In a polity where comprador bourgeoisie, feudals and their quislings were rising to power, Ajmal stood head and shoulders above that upstart crowd, relying solely on his intellectual and political acumen. He was a giant in a political landscape dotted with pygmies.
For the Pashtuns he was the voice of their voiceless angst, expression in the muted humiliation and their freedom cry for the subjugated human dignity. Ajmal Khattak was a man of letters who, in the tradition of the warrior-poet Khushal Khan Khattak, also unfurled the standard of struggle for Pashtun unity.
Whereas Baacha Khan and his colleagues like the late Hussain Bux Kausar conceived the idea of modern Pashtun unity, it was Ajmal Khattak who eventually provided the ideological backbone of this thesis.
In his book on Baacha Khan, the late Farigh Bokhari had noted that by Pashtunistan, Ghaffar Khan merely meant a renamed province within Pakistan. Narrating to this author the discussions leading to the Bannu Declaration on Pashtunistan, Hussain Bux Kausar corroborated Bokhari’s assertion. Kausar had added though, that for many, including him, the idea was much more than renaming a province — it was a thesis proposing the reunification of the Pashtun irredentas.
Ajmal Khattak provided the modern theoretical basis for the idea of Greater Pashtunistan. Well-versed in the Marxist-Leninist theory — prevalent and ascendant at the time — Ajmal Khattak deployed it to strengthen the case for the right of self-determination for the Pashtuns.
In this, Ajmal Khattak put Afghanistan on notice as well. In 1969 the Afghan government had published a Pashtunistan postage stamp on which Pashtunistan included only the areas of FATA, the NWFP and Balochistan. As a claimant to the mantle of Mirwais Hotaki, Aimal Khan and Ahmad Shah Durrani, Ajmal Khattak was not pleased with this not-so-subtle gimmick of the Afghan state excluding the Pashtun territories under their control from Pashtunistan.
On the Pakistani side, Ajmal Khattak and the Pashtun nationalists were up not only against the establishment but also large sections of the Pakistani Left, who considered secession a dirty word. According to the socialists of West Pakistan, it was sufficient to believe the unverified cliché that “scientific socialism would automatically solve all problems, including the national question”.
In this context Ajmal Khattak relied heavily on Lenin’s writings, such as: “The right of nations to self-determination implies exclusively the right to independence in the political sense, the right to free political separation from the oppressor nation. Specifically, this demand for political democracy implies complete freedom to agitate for secession and for a referendum on secession by the seceding nation.”
Though a fixture in the Kabul political circles of the 1970s and 80s, self-exiled Ajmal Khattak never toed anyone’s ideological line — not even Moscow’s.
At the height of their intervention in Afghanistan, the Soviets solicited input from the Pakistani leftists. Out of the two opposing proposals submitted by the pro-PDPA politicians of Pakistan, the Soviets adopted the one calling for restraint as against the one proposing broadening the scope of their operations to drain the guerrilla swamp in Pakistan.
Upon his return from exile in 1989, I put a question to Ajmal Khattak during a discussion held at a mutual friend’s residence in the Board area of Peshawar, and asked him if he and Wali Khan were the ones who opposed the Soviet intervention on our side of the Durand. He deflected the question.
Incidentally, after the programme, he and I were supposed to travel in the same vehicle driven by the host’s son. I had already taken seat in the rear, when Ajmal sahib entered and sat in the front passenger seat. Not realising that I was in the car, he leaned over to the host’s son and asked if the lad who asked about opposing the Soviets belonged to a certain political group (which he did name). I whispered in his ear that indeed I was and that my father was proud of having remained his sub-editor during their days at the dailies Shahbaz and Anjam and then deputising for him as the news editor when he and Qalandar Momand were jailed. He asked me to step out of the car and hugged me. But he still did not answer the question.
Many years later he confided to a vice-president of his National Awami Party Pakistan (NAPP) that indeed he had written a strong critique of any proposed Soviet intervention in Pakistan. He was being treated at a Moscow hospital when a senior Soviet official came to see him and chided him about his opposition to spilling-over of hostilities into Pakistan. He stood his ground.
Ajmal Khattak stood his ground based on his reading of Lenin who concluded at the end of the aforementioned quote that “...this demand (secession), therefore, is not the equivalent of a demand for separation, fragmentation and the formation of small states. It implies only a consistent expression of struggle against all national oppression.”
He, therefore, was neither a secessionist nor was contradicting himself. To him the right of self-determination was an evolutionary stage, not just of politics or modern statehood, but of humanism.
Indeed, Ajmal Khattak’s poetry is humanism personified and transcends time and frontiers. Sa’adi Shirzai wrote that stones have been chained while dogs are let loose (sung-ha ra bastand o sugaaN ra khushadand) and Faiz’s adaption of the same is well-known. However, Ajmal Khattak’s rendition of this thought in his poem “cherta che baran da Khudai da qahar waraidalay de” (where it has been raining the wrath of God, is indeed my home, it is your home), makes the contrasts and ironies of our society clearer than ever to the common reader and the activist alike.
The literary genius in Ajmal Khattak brought Pashto poetry in sync with the modern times. He not only experimented with and improved on the prevalent forms as ghazal (sonnet) and ruba’ee (quatrain) but introduced progressive political thought in his nazm, with a vigour and craft that puts him at par with Neruda, Sahir and Faiz.
Though cognizant of his political and literary stature, Ajmal Khattak remained down to earth till his death. At a friend’s house during hot summer days, he would sleep without air-conditioning or even a fan. This was at a time when the ruling General of the era would have gladly given him anything he asked for. But contentment was the wealth that Ajmal Khattak had amassed over the years and he would not squander that for something petty, for he was the revolutionary dervish.
Dr Mohammad Taqi
University Of Florida

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Humanities (Masters) Cabinet leaders Abid Mohmand & Shah Hussain

Shah Hussain Yousafzai & Abid "Wali" Mommand

Main Campus President Zeeshan Sawabiwal with Shah Hussain & Abid Islam

Shah Hussain & Abid Islam Mommand with their Masters President Basit Khan
Shah Hussain Yousafzai:-
Designation: General Secretary Humanities (Masters)
Department: MSc Economics
Domicile: Gumbat, Mardan
Contact: +92 346 9327184
Nick Name: Sher
Shah Hussain is a man with manners having the complete code of Pukhtoonwali and has been politically socialized in Mardan College. He has been a great support to Masters President Basit Khan.
Abid Islam Mommand:-
Designation: President Humanities (Masters)
Domicile: Wali Bagh, Charsadda
Contact: +92 344 9219587
Nick Name: Abid Wali & Azmaray
Department: Msc Economics
Hailing from Wali Bagh, the Mecca of Pakhtunkhwa, Abid Islam is the backbone of Masters cabinet in UOM. He has personal contacts with Asfandyar Wali's family and has seen Asfand Yar Wali and others grow. He has been politically socialized in the "hugras" (gatherings of Pashtun males) & Mardan College.
Both Abid Islam & Shah Hussain are inseperable. They are close friends of Masters President Basit Khan.

PSF UOM pays tribute to FC at UOM

Group photo of PSF UOM with Frontier Corps at UOM

FC personnel given tea party at Recreation Centre

FC Security in PSF UOM Headquarters at Flat No. F 8, Asif Aziz Hostel

PSF UOM & FC at UOM tea party

FC at UOM's Hawaldar with Main Campus President Zeeshan Sawabiwal
PSF UOM gave tribute to Frontier Corps on duty at UOM.
  • The Vice-Chancellor also paid tribute to FC personnel for being at the university in the hardest of times when the threat of Taliban was very obvious.
  • The FC squad gave guard of honour to the VC.
  • PSF UOM were specially invited for the occasion.
  • Main Campus President Zeeshan said on the occasion that the FC at UOM have been very brave and has acted as our personal security.
  • FC at UOM has acted as the personal security for PSF UOM.
  • Chairman of Central Executive Committee Ilyas Khattak thanked the FC personnel for providing security to PSF Pakhtunkhwa President Majid Khan on his visit.
  • The university gave medals to FC Personnel on their bravery and PSF UOM gave them a party.

PSF Mardan meets Chief Minister Pakhtunkhwa

PSF Mardan with Chief Minister Pakhtunkhwa Haider Khan Hoti at Chief Minister's House, Peshawar
A delegation of PSF Mardan Division headed by President Mardan Division Ajmal Khan Hoti met the Chief Minister of Pakhtunkhwa.
  • CM handed over 4 buses to PSF Mardan for 4 government colleges of Mardan Division.
  • Ajmal Hoti thanked CM for this.

PSF UOM congratulates PSF AWKUM on it's formation

President (Masters) Basit Khan congratulating Tahir Khan President Rifat Mahal Campus of Abdul Wali Khan University Mardan (AWKUM)

Basit Khan recieved by PSF AWKUM (Babar Khan, Attaullah Jan, Tahir Khan, Sajid Mayar, Saboor Shankar, Basit Khan & Abid Khan)

PSF UOM congratulating PSF AWKUM on it's formation (Sajid Mayar, Basit Mardani, Main Campus Senior Vice President Azaz Khan AWKUM & Saboor Shankar)

President AWKUM Saboor Khan giving sweets to President (Masters) Basit Khan with Abid Khan of MBA, Deputy General Secretary AWKUM Sajid baba & President Main Campus AWKUM Attaullah Jan looking on

Basit Khan giving sweets to Saboor Khan

Basit Khan with Deputy General Secretary AWKUM Sajid Mayar & General Secretary Main Campus AWKUM Bilal Khan

PSF UOM delegation with PSF AWKUM

Abdul Wali Khan University Mardan (AWKUM) Main Campus President Attaullah Jan, Senior Vice President Humanities (Masters) Hanif Toro, President (Masters) Basit Mardani, President AWKUM Abdus Saboor Shankar and Deputy General Secretary AWKUM Sajid Mayar "baba"

Basit Khan congratulating Deputy General Secretary AWKUM baba of MBA from Mardan

Basit Khan congratulating President AWKUM Saboor Khan of MPA from Katlang, Mardan

President (Masters) Basit Khan Safi addressing the students of AWKUM

Basit Khan congratulating Attaullah Jan President AWKUM Main Campus of MBA from Mardan

PSF UOM congratulated PSF AWKUM on it's formation.

  • The delegation of PSF UOM included Masters President Basit Mardani & Masters Humanities Senior Vice President Hanif Toro.

  • The delegation was recieved by General Secretary AWKUM Zaid Mohammad Khan Hoti.

  • Basit Khan also met Mardan Division President Ajmal Hoti.

  • The delegation presented flowers and sweets to PSF AWKUM.

  • A function was held in MBA lecture room.

  • Hanif Toro hosted the gathering and urged the gathering to be united.

  • Abdus Saboor thanked Basit Khan for coming to AWKUM.

  • Attaullah Jan urged PSF AWKUM to struggle for students rights.

  • Sajid Mayar baba said PSF UOM & PSF AWKUM are united & we will serve Malakand University students in AWKUM.

  • Basit Khan said that university politics is different from college politics & PSF AWKUM has to start anew on a different & bigger level as PSF Mardan College is already strong.

  • Rifat Mahal Campus President Tahir Khan also met Basit Khan & was congratulated by him on being the pioneer President of Rifat Mahal (Arts) Campus, Mardan of AWKUM.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

President (Masters) Basit Khan meets Azad PSF

Zobair baba of Gomal University & Tariq Afghan of Peshawar University

Masters President Basit Khan with Azad PSF members from Gomal & Peshawar University

Allah Noor Wazir, Yasir Khan Sawabiwal with Masters President Basit Khan

Tariq Afghan and Asadullah Mayar having discussion with Masters President Basit Khan
Masters President Basit Khan on a visit to Peshawar University met the members of Azad PSF and discussed matters related to federation. Provincial President Azad PSF Asadullah Mayar urged the party leaders to resolve the differences within the federation. Basit Khan urged the importance of unity and tolerance.

President Mardan Division Ajmal Hoti

President Mardan Division Ajmal Hoti presented with a shield by Chief Minister Pukhtoonkhwa Ameer Haider Khan Hoti at Chief Minister House, Peshawar.
Name: Ajmal Khan Hoti
Designation: President Mardan Division
Domicile: Hoti Mardan, Mardan
Department: BBA
University: Abdul Wali Khan University Mardan
Birthday: March 12, 1982
Ajmal Khan Hoti is the brain behind the success of PSF in Mardan Division especially in Government Post Graduate College, Mardan. He is also the man behind the formation of PSF in Abdul Wali Khan University, Mardan. He served PSF in Mardan College alot. All the PSF students in Mardan look up to him for guidance. He has strenghened PSF in AWKUM.

Press Secretary Main Campus AWKUM Dost Mohammad

Dost Mohammad at the Oath taking ceremony of PSF AWKUM in Town Hall, Mardan

Dost Mohammad being given the badge of designation by Ex-PSF leader Himayat Ullah Mayar

Name: Dost Mohammad

Designation: Press Secretary Main Campus of Abdul Wali Khan University

Department: MBA

Email: zero313943779four@yahoo.com

Contact: +92313943779

Dost Mohammad is one of the master mind behind the creation of PSF in Abdul Wali Khan University. He has been responsible for the press coverage of the infant federation in Abdul Wali Khan University.

Ex-President Hazara University Izhar Ullah Khan

Name: Izhar Ullah Khan
Domicile: Thana, Malakand, Pukhtoonkhwa
Designation: Ex-President of Hazara University
Contact: +923469600193
Department: BCS (completed)
Izhar Ullah Khan Lala is the person behind the success of PSF in Hazara University. He held the first convention of PSF. He organized the federation in a great fashion. He is a master mind of PSF in Hazara and a think tank of the federation. He has created websites for both PSF Hazara University and Azad PSF that are as following:-
We are lucky to have such comrades amongst our ranks in Malakand.

President Hazara University Abid Ahmad

Name: Abid Ahmad
Designation: President PSF Hazara Division
Department: BBA Hons
Contact: +923459504526
Favourite Poetry:
Wai aghyaar chi da duzakh jaba da
Za ba jannat ta da Pukhto sara zam
He has been a great inspiration for us because he is maintaining PSF in a non-Pashtun area i-e- in Hazara. He has done alot for the federation and volunteered himself for social work for not only Pashtuns but for our Hindko brothers and others.

Formation of PSF in Abdul Wali Khan University, Mardan

Dignataries at the function (Ajmal Hoti with Himayatullah Mayar)
President  Ajmal Hoti AWKUM addressing the gathering

The pioneer cabinet of Abdul Wali Khan University has been formed on Saturday 13th Febuary 2010.
  • The "Oath taking ceremony"shankar campus was held at Town Hall, Mardan.
  • "Barsi" (Death Anniversary) of Bacha Khan & Wali Khan was also observed.

  • Abdus Saboor Khan from Katlang, Mardan of MPA (3rd Semester) was declared as the pioneer President of PSF AWKUM Shankar (Abdul Wali Khan University Mardan).
  • Zair Mohammad Hoti from Hoti Mardan of MBA (3rd Semester) brother of PSF Mardan Division President Ajmal Hoti was declared as the pioneer General Secretary of PSF AWKUM Shankar campus.

  • PSF UOM congratulated PSF AWKUM on its formation.