Pukhtoon Students Federation

Pukhtoon Students Federation
A student organization that is leftist, secular, liberal, progressive and nationalist in nature. It is the student wing of Awami National Party. It was formed in 1968. It is present in numerous educational institutions of Pakistan. Bashir Sherpao from Charsadda, Peshawar is the President of PSF.

University Of Malakand

University Of Malakand
A public university located in Chakdara, Dir Valley of Kyber Pukhtoonkhwa i-e- Malakand Division. It was founded in 2001 by the then President Pervez Musharraf. It provides regular & private Bachelors degrees (BA/BSc/BBA/BIT/BCom/BCS), regular Honours degrees (BA Hons/BS Hons/BBA Hons/BBT Hons/PharmD/BCS Hons/BIT Hons), Master degrees (MA/MSc/MCS/MBA/BEd/LLB/MCom/MIT) & post-graduate degrees such as MPhil, MS & PhD in various disciplines & MEd. It has 14 departments. Dr Rasool Jan from Kabal, Swat is it's Vice-Chancellor & Governer NWFP Owais Ghani is it's Chancellor. Zeeshan Khan Sawabiwal is the President of Pukhtoon Students Federation there. It has 3 hostels i-e- Girls Hostel, Asif Aziz Hostel & Khalid Osman Hostel.


1st President PSF UOM Khalid Osman Zalmay

2nd President Kamran Khan

3rd President Daud Khan

4th President Ilyas Khattak

5th President Zakir Khan Nangyalay

Founder President Masters Basit Safi

6th President Zeeshan Sawabiwal

7th President Adnan Bacha

 Nasir Pukhtoonyar, Izhar Nangyalay,

Ahmad Yar Khan President Islamic International University Islamabad

President Adnan Bacha

Ajmal Khan Ex-Campus Senior Vice President at our First Aid Centre

PSF UOM group photo

Vice President Izhar Khan Nangyalay BS Economics from Batkhela Malakand

Ex-Campus General Secretary Nadeem Roghani

 Izhar Nangyalay at his Hujra (Guest house) in Batkhela

 Izhar Nangyalay being congratulated by President Adnan Bacha on becoming Vice-President
Nasir Pukhtoonyar with Sohail Khan

PSF UOM leadership

PSF UOM comrades

Ex-Campus President Idrees aka Mashar with Ex-General Secretary Shakir Afghan aka Sikatar

Senior Vice President Naeem Major with Wasim Khan

PSF UOM group photo

Izhar Nangyalay with Khalid Osman Hostel President Aftab Shehzad BBA from Swat

PSF UOM BS Economics

 President Adnan Bacha at Lake Saif Ul Malook, Hunga valley (One of the most beautiful places in Pakistan) 

Ex-Vice President Peshawar University Campus Redi Gul Safi from Kunar Afghanistan (now in Norway)

Founder President Masters Basit Khan Safi greeted after last paper

 Ex-Campus General Secretary Nadeem Roghani awarded by VC Rasool Jan for winning English speech competition

 Seminar on Baacha Khan at Kabul

President Nangyal Welfare & Sports Society that runs a free First Aid Centre, Free Medical Store and many other activities free of cost following the principles of Baacha Khan's selfless service

Ex-President Khalid Osman Hostel giving a farewell speech after his last paper at Sociology Department
Ex--President Mardan College Aftab Alam (3rd from right) with Abdul Wali Khan University Sports Director & Sportsmen

Ex-President Mardan College Aftab Alam


Ex-PSF leader Mian Iftikhar Hussain at The House of Lords in London

Aftar Party by ANP Birmingham


Jashne Pukhtoonkhwa at Birmingham

Ex-PSF Leader Mian Iftikhar Hussain at Birmingham

ANP Sindh President Shahi Syed with ANP UK

President PSF Federal Urdu University Karachi

PSF Pakhtunkhwa Vice President Kamellah Khan Miankhel at Youth Leader Program by Baacha Khan Education Foundation 

PSF Pakhtunkhwa Finance Secretary Shahid Iqbal

Science General Secretary Malik Najeebullah with Masters President Basit Safi

Science General Secretary Najeebullah with Malik Darwesh Khan President ANP Swat

Science GS Najeebullah with Madyan Member Provincial Assembly of Swat Jaffar Shah

Science General secretary Malik Najeebullah with Provincial Sports Minister Aqeel Shah

Science GS Najeebullah in Swat Aman Mela

GS Science Najeebullah leading rally in Madyan Bazar

MCS 2008-2010 Last Paper

Shakirullah Shakeel Press Secretary PSF UOM

Jashne Pukhtoonkhwa rally in Swat Valley by PSF comrades

Jashne Pukhtoonkhwa by PSF in Swat

Baacha Khan Markaz, Peshawar

Nadeem Roghani, Mehmood Shalman & Sajjad Khan

PSF comrades at Pearl

PSF Federal Urdu University

Maulana Abdul Qalam Azad with Baacha Khan

Humayon Khan, Founder President PSF Hazara

Baacha Khan with Khudai Khidmatgaran, a historic photo

Fahad Khan Vice President Khalid Osman Hostel from Timergara of BS Sociology

General Secretary Khalid Osman Hostel Irfan Shah from Takht Bhai Mardan BA Hons English 

Khalid Osman Hostel President Mehmood Shalman BS Sociology from Sakhakot Malakand

Opening of Polio Day by PSF UOM

Yasir Naseer Yousafzai MBA (General Secretary Masters) from Nowshera

A memorable view of Mardan College in the golden era of PSF with red gates, red flags, red posters, red banners, red wall chalking & a comrade in red waist coat

PSF comrades standing for Pashto anthem at Mardan College

Ajmal Mayar singing Pashto Anthem

PSF Mardan College standing for Pashto anthem

3rd Convention of PSF at Mardan College

Tahir Khan of Takht Bhai being awarded in the 3rd Convention of PSF Mardan College

A jam packed Mardan College from hall to the gate during 3rd Convention of PSF

President Abdul Wali Khan University Saboor Shankar in college days

Memorable view of Mardan College standing for Pashto anthem

PSF Mardan College standing for Pashto anthem

Gymnastic show by PSF Mardan College

Memorable photo of PSF Mardan College Convention

Young actors of Mardan College Nisar Malang (now PTV actor) & Jahangir Jani (now producer in Lahore) as PSF President Ajmal Mayar looks on

PSF Mardan College in early 2000s

A memorable photo of PSF Mardan College strike

Provincial General Secretary Bashir Sherpao presenting award to the topper of Mardan College

A memorable photo of PSF Mardan College

A memorable talent award show at Mardan College organized b PSF Mardan College

A great view of a memorable Tanzim e Nao of PSF Mardan College

PSF AWKUM at Flood Relief Camp 

PSF Abdul Wali Khan University & Mardan College

Basit Safi at Flood Relief Camp arranged by PSF Mardan

PSF Mardan College, Abdul Wali Khan University & Takhat Bhai College at Flood Relief Camp

Flood Relief Camp by PSF Mardan at Abdul Wali Khan University Mardan

Azam Hoti with AWKUM PSF President Ajmal Hoti

Himayatullah Mayar with AWKUM PSF General Secretary Syed Rehmat Alam 

PSF Mardan with CM Pukhtoonkhwa

Information Secretary Farooq Khan, President Zeeshan Khan, Senior Vice President Qamar Zaman, Vice President Jawad Khan, Nangyal Welfare & Sports Society President Attaullah & Campus Press Secretary Ayaz Yousafzai

PSF awkum president Ajmal Hoti and General Secretary Syed Rehmat alam with deptt chairman during inauguration ceremony of transport facility for students. 

PSF UOM group photo

Sher Afzal Social Work, Basit Safi & Mohammad Younas BBA

Ismail Maidani Joint Secretary Humanities BBA

Nawab of Junagadh Jahangir Khan Ji with Baacha Khan

Tribute to Mian Iftikhar
PSF Commerce College Thana Malakand GS Abdul Ali Sherdil, Vice President Ali Nasir, President Mairaj Mommand, Provincial Vice President Haq Nawaz, Azmat Ali (MBA,UOM), Finance Secretary Faiz Himal & Joint Secretary Asif

Basit Safi with Provincial Vice President Haq Nawaz outside on a visit to Khalid Osman Hostel

Baacha Khan sketch by Basit Safi

Nadeem Roghani, Fayaz MAMA, Ajmal Khan, Asif Iqbal & Haji Gulzar

Zeeshan Sawabiwal

PSF Campus & University Cabinet taking oath

Naeem, Nadeem, Zeeshan, Zakir & Ziafat

Bahadur Khan

Ex-President Ilyas Khattak taking oath from GS Shakir Afghan

Qamar Zaman, Nadeem Roghani & Zakir Nangyalay

Basit Khan, Ex-General Secretary Rahmat Ali, Ex-Campus President & Ajmal Khan 

Khalid Osman Hostel President & General Secretary Mahmood Shalman & Irfan Shah
Shakir Afghan, Salman Shamozai, Noman Khan & Akhtar Khan

Basit Safi, Waqar Hussain, Majid Khan & Ajmal Khan

Zeeshan Sawabiwal

Basit Safi

Khalid Osman Zalmay

Asif Aziz MAMA

PSF Pukhtoonkhwa, PSF UOM & PSF Govt College of Managment Sciences Thana Malakand

Zakir Nangyalay

Asif Aziz MAMA Ex-President Campus

Zeeshan Sawabiwal

Ex-President Ilyas Khattak with Legal Advisor & Vice-President Masters Arshad Khan Adenzai

Syed Aizaz BS Economics from Katlang Mardan

Masters President Basit (2nd from right) with PSF Abdul Wali Khan University

PSF UOM & PSF Abdul Wali Khan University Mardan group photo

Masters President Basit Safi with PSF Abdul Wali Khan University Attaullah Jan

PSF UOM congratulating PSF Abdul Wali Khan University Mardan

Ahmad Shah being crowned as the first king of Pashtuns at Qandahar

Female comrades

ANP Women wing group photo

Malalai Joya protesting against US occupation of Iraq

Afghan women police

Afrasiab Khattak, Ex-PSF comrade

A movie on the life of Baacha Khan

Afghan feminist, Malalai Joya addressing students

Painting of Ahmad Shah, Founder of Afghan Empire

Painting of Abdul Ghaffar BAACHA Khan

Allah Noor Wazir (Gomal University), Yasir Sawabiwal (Peshawar University) & Basit Safi (Malakand University)

Prayers for 12 May Martyrs at Jamia Urdu Karachi

Iftikhar Shah PSF Jamia Urdu Karachi
Jashne Pukhtoonkhwa at Cliffton Karachi

ANP's Advisor to PSF Arbab Tahir Khalil at Habib Jalib Baluch Shaheed reference at Peshawar Press Club

Aziz Burki Karachi

PSF Sindh & Jamia Urdu Karachi at the conclusion of Abdul Wali Khan Cricket Tournament

PSF Gulzar e Hijri College, Karachi

Tariq Afghan & Asad Mayar

Waziristan Commandos!

Afzal Khan Lala with Asad Mayar

Tariq Afghan of PSF with Khudai Khidmatgaran on Indian Tour

PSF in Salt March with Indian Minister of State

PSF with Bollywood star Anil Kapoor

PSF with Youth Minister on Salt March in Ahmadabad

PSF with Bollywood legends & Indian Govt officials on Salt March at Ahmadabad

Tariq Afghan of PSF Peshawar University at Jalyawala Bagh where British troops massacred freedom protestors

Catherine from England with Tariq Afghan of Upper Dir (PSF Peshawar University) at Ahmadabad

Asad Bacha, The founder of PSF UOM

President Attaullah (centre) Nangyal Welfare & Sports Society at Admission Camp with Mohammad Taif President Science (Humanities) & Adnan Bacha General Secretary Humanities (Honors)  

Syed Asif Ali Shah Mardani of Peshawar University

Baacha Khan

Kamila Khan Miankhel, Vice President PSF Pukhtoonkhwa

Afzal Khan lala

PSF Pukhtoonkhwa General Secretary Riaz Marwat

President PSF Pukhtoonkhwa Majid Khan


Provincial Vice President Haq Nawaz Khattak in Basit's room at UOM