Pukhtoon Students Federation

Pukhtoon Students Federation
A student organization that is leftist, secular, liberal, progressive and nationalist in nature. It is the student wing of Awami National Party. It was formed in 1968. It is present in numerous educational institutions of Pakistan. Bashir Sherpao from Charsadda, Peshawar is the President of PSF.

University Of Malakand

University Of Malakand
A public university located in Chakdara, Dir Valley of Kyber Pukhtoonkhwa i-e- Malakand Division. It was founded in 2001 by the then President Pervez Musharraf. It provides regular & private Bachelors degrees (BA/BSc/BBA/BIT/BCom/BCS), regular Honours degrees (BA Hons/BS Hons/BBA Hons/BBT Hons/PharmD/BCS Hons/BIT Hons), Master degrees (MA/MSc/MCS/MBA/BEd/LLB/MCom/MIT) & post-graduate degrees such as MPhil, MS & PhD in various disciplines & MEd. It has 14 departments. Dr Rasool Jan from Kabal, Swat is it's Vice-Chancellor & Governer NWFP Owais Ghani is it's Chancellor. Zeeshan Khan Sawabiwal is the President of Pukhtoon Students Federation there. It has 3 hostels i-e- Girls Hostel, Asif Aziz Hostel & Khalid Osman Hostel.

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Oath taking ceremony of PSF UOM (2009)

Ex-President addressing the gathering

Ilyas Khattak, Frontier Core Officers at UOM, Asif Aziz Mama & Salman Shamozai at the stage

President Zakir Nangyalay giving inaugural speech

Zeeshan Sawabiwal addressing the audience after taking oath as Campus President

Salman Shamozai, Murrad Khan, Amir Hamza, Mahmood Shalman, Nadeem Roghani, Tauseef Khan & Noman Sawabiwal

Ex-President Ilyas Khattak taking oath from Hostels and Nangyal Welfare & Sports Society Cabinets

Abbas Khan & Adnan Khan

Ibrar Khan taking oath from Science & Humanities Cabinets

Ilyas Khattak, Amir Hamza & Arshad Khan Adenzai

Zeeshan Sawabiwal, Fayaz Khan Mama, Asif Iqbal & Haji Gulzar Khan

Presidents & General Secretaries of cabinets

University & Campus cabinets

Meeting at Pukhtoonkhwa House (Room 220), Khalid Osman Hostel before the ceremony

Shakir Afghan, Salman Shamozai, Noman Sawabiwal & Akhtar Khan

Naeem Maidani, Nadeem Roghani, Zeeshan Sawabiwal, Zakir Nangyalay & Ziafat Khan

Kamran Shah, Aizaz Khan, Qamar Zaman, Ayaz Khan, Naeem Maidani, Nadeem Roghani, Zeeshan Sawabiwal & Zakir Nangyalay

Ilyas Khattak, Shakir Afghan & Akhtar Khan

Altaf Khan

University & Campus cabinets

Ilyas Khattak addressing the audience

University & Campus cabinet taking oath

Ikhtisham Khan & Adnan Khan

Zakir Nangyalay addressing the audience after taking oath as the President

Ex-President with Vice President (Masters) Arshad Adenzai

Jawad Khan & Ajmal Khan


Asif Aziz Mama giving farewell speech

Ilyas Khattak giving farewell speech

Syed Aizaz Katlang

New cabinet members enjoying

Shahab Uddin Takur, Fayaz Mama, Ibrar Khan & Kamran Khan

Juniors giving farewell to President Ilyas Khattak

Basit Khan Safi (Second) being congratulated on becoming the President of Masters cabinets

Ex-President with President Khalid Osman Hostel

Murrad Khan & Adnan Khan

Qamar Zaman congratulated on becoming Senior Vice President

PSF UOM workers celebrating Tanzim e Nao

PSF UOM celebrating

Ex-President Ilyas Khattak taking oath from General Secretary & President of Khalid Osman Hostel

Ex-President Ilyas Khattak congratulating new President Zakir Nangyalay

President & GS of Khalid Osman Hostel Mahmood Shalman & Irfan Khan after taking oath 

The following cabinets took oath:
  1. University
  2. Campus
  3. Nangyal Welfare & Sports Society
  4. Khalid Osman Hostel
  5. Asif Aziz Hostel
  6. Humanities, and
  7. Science.
  • Zakir Nangyalay took the oath as President, Shakir Afghan as General Secretary, Qamar Zaman as Senior Vice President, Shakirullah Shakeel as Press Secretary, Shoaib Akhonzada as Finance Secretary and Farooq Katlang as Information Secretary among others.
  • Zeeshan Sawabiwal took oath as the Campus President, Nadeem Roghani as Campus General Secretary, Ajmal Khan as Campus Senior Vice President and Ayaz Khan as Campus Press Secretary among others.
  • Attaullah Khan took oath as the President of Nangyal Welfare & Sports Society.
  • Mehmood Shalman took oath as the President of Khalid Osman Hostel & Irfan Khan as General Secretary (GS) among others.
  • Idrees Khan took oath as President of Asif Aziz Hostel, Izhar Khan as GS & Waqar Hussain as Finance Secretary among others.
  • Ziafat Khan took oath as the President of Humanities Faculty & Adnan Bacha as GS Humanities among others.
  • Faheem Khan took oath as the President of Science Faculty & Shah Wali as GS Sciences among other cabinet members.

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